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Stolac and Počitelj

Map of Stolac and Počitelj

The towns of Stolac (2) and Počitelj (5) can be referred to as open-air museums. Within these towns and their immediate vicinities, you'll find dozens of historical buildings from the list of BiH's national monuments. Unfortunately, both towns suffered significant damage during the 1992-1995 war and many buildings were burned to the ground or completely destroyed. Today, most of them have only been partially restored. Despite this - or perhaps because of this - these towns are certainly worth visiting. Visitors will appreciate the unique architecture, which represents the fusion of stone and water, and the Mediterranean and the Orient, with many flowers and gardens.

Complement a visit to these towns with a trip to the necropolises of Radimlja and Boljuni (3), the most famous and beautiful stećak cemeteries in BiH, the Illyrian town of Daorson (4), the Hutovo Blato Park near Čapljina (Ch. 7), or the Vjetrenica cave on the way to Trebinje (Ch. 9).

The region between Stolac and Čapljina, near the Bregava River (1), is famous for its cultivation of fruits and vegetables. It would be a shame not to give a few of these a try if you visit in the summer.

Bregava River (1)

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River Bregava near the Begovina - Stolac
Provalije Waterfall on River Bregava
Bregava near the Source
Pjene Waterfall on River Bregava
Inat (Spite) Bridge in Stolac
Sara Kašiković Bridge
Mills on the River Bregava
Mills on the River Bregava

Town of Stolac (2)

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Old house near the Bregava River
Šarić House in Stolac
Begovina Haus in Stolac
A room of the house Begovina - Stolac
Hand work - Begovina
Mak Dizdar (poet)
Old Town of Stolac
Circle dance - Detail from Stećak
Moshe Danon's grave

Necropolises of Radimlja and Boljuni (3)

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Stecak-Necropolis Radimlja
Stecak-Necropolis Radimlja
Bosnian greeting - Radimlja
Stećak - Boljuni
Stećak - Boljuni

Illyrian Town of Daorson (4)

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Ruins of the Illyrian city of Daorson
Walls of the Illyrian city of Daorson

Old Town of Počitelj (5)

​The old town of Počitelj is located 30 km south of Mostar, near Čapljina. This beautiful stone town along the Neretva River is a unique natural and cultural entity.

Historians believe that the Počitelj fortress was founded by the Bosnian king, Stjepan Tvrtko I, in 1383. The town's history can be divided into several periods, the first of which was during medieval Bosnian, and later Hungarian, rule, when the town enjoyed great strategic importance. The town fell under Ottoman rule in 1471.

Počitelj continued to develop in relative peace until 1698, as the boundaries of the Ottoman Empire were not nearby. During that period, the town's most important buildings - including the Hajji Alija Mosque (16th c.), the Šišman-Ibrahim Pasha Madrasah (17th c.), a hamam, public kitchen (bs. imaret), accommodation (bs. han), and the clock tower - were built. After the city of Gabela fell under Venetian rule in 1698, Počitelj regained its strategic importance, as it was once again located on a border. With the beginning of Austro-Hungarian administration in 1878, Počitelj's importance waned again and the town sank into oblivion. This, however, is what enabled it to retain its authentic appearance.

When you visit Počitelj, be sure to walk the town's narrow streets in order to discover the rich architectural treasures within the city walls. Don't miss the opportunity to have a drink or a bite to eat on one of the town's terraces, from which you'll enjoy a beautiful Mediterranean ambience. Today, Počitelj proves an endless source of inspiration for gatherings of artists and painters. The largest house in town, the Gavrankapetanović House, has been converted into an artists' colony.

Some families in Počitelj offer accommodation in private rooms and apartments.

Počitelj - City of Stone
Gavrankapetanović House in Pocitelj
View from the tower
Han in Pocitelj
Art Colony in Pocitelj at night
Evening atmosphere in Pocitelj



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