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Mostar - Old Bridge (Chapter 5)
Kravice Waterfall (Chapter 6)
Old Town of Počitelj (Chapter 8)
Rafting the Neretva (Chapter 1)
Sarajevo - Baščaršija (Chapter 11)
Mount Bjelašnica (Chapter 13)
Mount Jahorina (Chapter 17)
Floats on the Drina (Chapter 18)
Old Town of Jajce (Charter 24)
River Sana (Chapter 27)




Travel guide: Come, Enjoy, Pass It On BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA - 30 Unforgettable Days
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Come, Enjoy, Pass It On

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ISBN/ISSN: 9783950378573
Author: Amel Salihbasic
Publisher: Salihbasic, Amel
2. Edition: November 2017
Language: English
Type: Papaerback
Pages: 208
Dimensions: 25 x 20,5 x 1,5 cm
Average Rating: Rating on (4 reviews)


Book "Come, Enjoy, Pass It On BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA 30 Unforgettable Days" is a well balanced blend of a travel guide and a photo book about Bosnia and Herzegovina. On 208 pages over 150 of the most interesting tourist destinations that can be visited in Bosnia and Herzegovina are described. The book is divided into 30 chapters, two of which are dedicated to the cities of Mostar and Sarajevo, and the remaining 28 to other destinations throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the beginning of every chapter there is a map of the region and a short description of the touristic places of interest and possible activities. The following pages contain detailed descriptions with a variety of photos and useful information about every single tourist attraction. The destinations are chosen in a way so that you can spend at least one day there and that this time will remain an unforgettable memory.

For whom the book is intended for?

This travel photo book is an ideal source of information for those who want to know more about Bosnia and Herzegovina or who want to discover the whole natural and cultural diversity of that beautiful country. Furthermore, this book is an ideal gift for friends and business partners to whom you want to show the beauty of this small country in the Balkans. The quality of the book has already been recognized by many readers on, so this book has currently the best reviews and recommendations from all the books related to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Published editions

The first edition of the book was published in the year 2014. So far, the guide has been translated into five languages. It is available in Bosnian, English, Italian, German and Turkish. Author and publisher of the book is Amel Salihbasic.

New Updated Edition
New Updated Edition
Die neue Ausgabe des Buches "Komm, ...
Soon also the Czech edition
Soon also the Czech edition
In the middle of November 2017, the translation ...
150 Tourist destinations in Bosnia
150 Tourist destinations in Bosnia
The book "Come, Enjoy, Pass It On BOSNIA AND ...
Tips for a vacation in Bosnia: museums to visit
Tips for a vacation in Bosnia: museums to visit
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I had believed that I was acquainted with all beauties of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but looking at the photographs of Mr. Salihbašić, I realized that I was wrong. This book (travel guide) is a summary of all natural beauties of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its historical and cultural richness which makes this country so special and worth a visit. I sincerely believe that this extraordinary book rich with very nice pictures will contribute to Bosnia and Herzegovina being more widely recognized as a desirable destination.

Tadžudin Muslibegović, National monument Muslibegovic House - Mostar

Map of Bosnia with location of all 30 chaptes from the book.
01. Neretva River - Upper Course
02. Neretva River - Middle Course
03. Mount Prenj (Bosnian Himalayas)
04. Blagaj and Podvelež Plateau
05. City of Mostar
06. Wine Route and Međugorje
07. Neum and its Hinterland
08. Stolac and Počitelj
09. Southeast Herzegovina
10. Tara River and Sutjeska NP
11. City of Sarajevo
12. Around Sarajevo
13. Mount Bjelašnica
14. Mount Treskavica
15. Fojnica and Kraljeva Sutjeska
16. Olovo, Vareš and Surroundings
17. Mt.s Jahorina and Romanija
18. Drina River - Upper Course
19. Srebrenica and Surroundings
20. Northeast Bosnia
21. Tajan Nature Park
22. Around Usora River
23. Mount Vlašić and Travnik
24. Jajce and Pliva Lakes
25. Skopaljska Valley
26. Livno and Surroundings
27. Banja Luka and Kozara NP
28. Sana River - Middle Course
29. Una National Park
30. Una River - Middle Course