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     The book describes 150 most interesting sites that can be visited in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The book is divided into 30 chapters, 2 of which are dedicated to the cities of Mostar and Sarajevo, and the remaining 28 to other areas throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the beginning of each chapter there is a map of that area, and a brief description of tourist attractions and activities. On the pages that follow, every single site/attraction is described in depth with a variety of photos and useful text information for visitors.


     Overall, the book contains descriptions of 33 city, 10 old towns, 22 rivers, 8 waterfalls, 10 lakes, 12 mountains, 17 outdoor activities, 40 tourist sites and destinations and 10 stecak necropoles. The book does neither contain advertising of companies, recommendations for hotels or restaurants, nor this is contain timetables of public transport.



01. Neretva River - Upper Course
02. Neretva River - Middle Course
03. Mount Prenj (Bosnian Himalayas)
04. Blagaj and Podvelež Plateau
05. City of Mostar
06. Wine Route and Međugorje
07. Neum and its Hinterland
08. Stolac and Počitelj
09. Southeast Herzegovina
10. Tara River and Sutjeska NP
11. City of Sarajevo
12. Around Sarajevo
13. Mount Bjelašnica
14. Mount Treskavica
15. Fojnica and Kraljeva Sutjeska
16. Olovo, Vareš and Surroundings
17. Mt.s Jahorina and Romanija
18. Drina River - Upper Course
19. Srebrenica and Surroundings
20. Northeast Bosnia
21. Tajan Nature Park
22. Around Usora River
23. Mount Vlašić and Travnik
24. Jajce and Pliva Lakes
25. Skopaljska Valley
26. Livno and Surroundings
27. Banja Luka and Kozara NP
28. Sana River - Middle Course
29. Una National Park
30. Una River - Middle Course
Neretva River - Upper Course
Neretva River - Upper Course

The upper Neretva River, from its source to the town of Konjic, offers numerous opportunities for an active or relaxing holiday. Fresh air, clear water, and the beautiful environment are the main ...

�Neretva River - Middle Course
Neretva River - Middle Course

The midstream of the Neretva, from Konjic to Mostar, is characterized by three artificial lakes (Jablaničko, Grabovica and Salakovac). This segment of the river is located between the high peaks of ...

�Mount Prenj (Bosnian Himalayas)
Mount Prenj (Bosnian Himalayas)

Prenj is considered by many to be the most beautiful mountain in BiH. It stretches over 600 km² through the central section of the Dinaric Alps in northern Herzegovina, between Konjic and ...

Blagaj and Podvelež Plateau
Blagaj and Podvelež Plateau

The region surrounding the town of Blagaj and the Buna River offers a unique blend of natural and cultural heritage in BiH. As such, it's an indispensable part of any visit to Herzegovina. The ...

City of Mostar
City of Mostar

Mostar is located in the center of Herzegovina. The city has beautiful architecture from the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian periods. The city's construction began in the Middle Ages and its ...

�Wine Route and Međugorje
Wine Route and Međugorje

The triangular area of Herzegovina between the towns of Čitluk, Čapljina and Ljubuški is one of BiH's most popular and wealthiest. Tourism here rests on the backbone of Međugorje (2), a ...

�Neum and its Hinterland
Neum and its Hinterland

Bosnia and Herzegovina is also a Mediterranean country, with limited but direct access to the Adriatic Sea. Access to the sea can be found around the town of Neum (2), and includes the Klek ...

Stolac and Počitelj
Stolac and Počitelj

The towns of Stolac (2) and Počitelj (5) can be referred to as open-air museums. Within these towns and their immediate vicinities, you'll find dozens of historical buildings from the list of ...

�Southeast Herzegovina
Southeast Herzegovina

​The entire region of southeast Herzegovina is characterized by a Mediterranean climate, rocky landscapes, many sunny days, multitude of historical monuments and the production of wine. The ...

Tara River and Sutjeska NP
Tara River and Sutjeska NP

The eastern part of BiH is a paradise for nature lovers and provides a vacation for the heart and soul. As a result of the mountainous landscape and, at times, inaccessible terrain, nature here has ...

City of Sarajevo
City of Sarajevo

Sarajevo, BiH's capital city, has an interesting and rich history. Many refer to it as the "European Jerusalem" because of the many places of worship of different confessions that ...

�Around Sarajevo
Around Sarajevo

In the immediate vicinity of the city of Sarajevo, you'll find a number of popular, peaceful and relaxing excursion sites. Those closest to the city center are Ambassadors' Alley (2) and Mt. ...

�Mount Bjelašnica
Mount Bjelašnica

The Olympic mountain of Bjelašnica is 32 km southwest of the center of Sarajevo. The easiest way to reach Bjelašnica is by car via the village of Krupac. An alternate route goes through ...

Mount Treskavica
Mount Treskavica

Treskavica is surely one of the most beautiful mountains in BiH. Its name is derived from the Bosnian word "tresti se" and means to shake. This is due to frequent and minor earthquakes, as ...

�Fojnica and Kraljeva Sutjeska
Fojnica and Kraljeva Sutjeska

Visitors to the towns of Fojnica and Kraljeva Sutjeska in central Bosnia can trace the roots of the Bosnian kingdom from the Middle Ages. The town of Fojnica (2) was a center for gold mining in ...

Olovo, Vareš and Surroundings
Olovo, Vareš and Surroundings

The mountainous region north of Sarajevo, around which the towns of Olovo and Vareš and the village of Nišići form a triangle, abounds with dense forests, clean air, and beautiful ...

Mt.s Jahorina and Romanija
Mt.s Jahorina and Romanija

The mountains of Jahorina and Romanija dominate the region east of Sarajevo. Jahorina (1) is one of the most visited mountains in BiH. As a result of its favorable terrain, mild climate and abundance ...

Drina River - Upper Course
Drina River - Upper Course

The region covering the upper course of the Drina River, also known as Upper Podrinje, is located in eastern BiH. The largest towns in this area are Foča, Goražde, and Višegrad. As there ...

�Srebrenica and Surroundings
Srebrenica and Surroundings

The area around Srebrenica has been known since antiquity for the mining of silver, lead, and zinc. The Roman municipality of Domavia was located near the village of Sase. The municipality of ...

Northeast Bosnia
Northeast Bosnia

In the northeast region of BiH, the mountainous landscapes of central Bosnia change gradually to plains along the Sava River in the north. Tuzla (1) is the largest city and regional center. Though ...

�Tajan Nature Park
Tajan Nature Park

​The area between the towns of Zavidovići to the north and Kakanj and Vareš to the south was declared a nature park in 2007. The park is named after Mt. Tajan, which dominates this region. ...

Around Usora River
Around Usora River

The region around the Usora and Bosna Rivers, with the town of Doboj at its center, is characterized by rolling hills that slightly decrease in height from the south to the north. A common feature ...

Mount Vlašić and Travnik
Mount Vlašić and Travnik

Gentle Mt. Vlašić dominates central BiH and is characterized by a pleasant climate and beautiful scenery. The mountain (1) offers visitors a variety of accommodation, opportunities for fun, ...

�Jajce and Pliva Lakes
Jajce and Pliva Lakes

Jajce is situated in central BiH. The town was built at the confluence of the Pliva and Vrbas Rivers, at the site of a 22 m high waterfall on the Pliva River. Jajce has had a very eventful and ...

�Skopaljska Valley
Skopaljska Valley

The region around the upper course of the Vrbas River is not one of BiH's top tourist destinations, yet it remains appealing. It is named after Usko Polje (en. Narrow Field), a narrow field that ...

Livno and Surroundings
Livno and Surroundings

The western part of BiH around the town of Livno is geographically located where the rocky Mediterranean terrain of Dalmatia to the south intersects with the continental and forested area of central ...

Banja Luka and Kozara NP
Banja Luka and Kozara NP

The city of Banja Luka in northwestern BiH is the country's second largest, and the Krajina region's biggest. This part of the country is characterized by rolling hills and gentle landscapes. ...

Sana River - Middle Course
Sana River - Middle Course

The Sana River, in the western part of BiH, is - along with the Una and Neretva - one of the country's most beautiful rivers. During the summer, the Sana (1) offers opportunities for swimming in ...

�Una National Park
Una National Park

The Una National Park (NP) is located in western BiH in the municipality of Bihać. It covers the area upstream from the village of Lohovo, including the Una River Canyon in the river's upper ...

�Una River - Middle Course
Una River - Middle Course

In its middle course between the towns of Bihać and Bosanski Novi, the Una gradually transforms from a fast mountain river into a slow lowland river. After Bihać, the Una first passes through a ...