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Northeast Bosnia

Map of Northeast Bosnia

In the northeast region of BiH, the mountainous landscapes of central Bosnia change gradually to plains along the Sava River in the north. Tuzla (1) is the largest city and regional center. Though primarily an industrial mining town, with the construction of the unique salt lakes within the Panonika complex in the city center, Tuzla now draws many tourists. Near Tuzla are several small towns worth visiting. Gradačac (2) is well known for its fortress, "Gradina," and the white tower inside it. Above Srebrenik (3) you'll find one of the best preserved fortresses in BiH from the Middle Ages. Brčko (4), on the Sava River, is truly a lowland city. Southwest of Tuzla is Mt. Konjuh (5), which attracts numerous hikers every weekend.

Many - primarily man-made - lakes can be found in this region. Panonika, in Tuzla, is made up of 3 artificial lakes and a series of cascades filled with salt water ( Salt levels in the water range between 35 and 40 g/l, making the lakes saltier than the Adriatic Sea. Thousands of visitors seek refreshment at Panonika on hot summer days. The smaller Bistarac Lake (, east of Tuzla, and Paradise Lake (bs. Rajsko jezero) in Bašigovci near Živinice, are used for swimming and fishing. Modrac Lake has become a popular hangout for young people, but it's not suitable for swimming. Here, you'll find a number of restaurants where concerts and parties are frequently organized.

East of Tuzla, not far from the town of Zvornik on the Drina River, is the large Zvorničko Lake. The lake's calm waters are perfect for water sports. Each year the village of Divić, at the lake's edge, organizes an international or national kayaking and canoeing competition on the lake's calm waters.

Town of Tuzla (1)

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Liberty Square - Tuzla
Kapija - Tuzla

Town of Gradačac (2)

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Captain's Tower in Gradacac

Srebrenik's Old Town (3)

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Old Town - Srebrenik
Old Town - Srebrenik

Town of Brčko (4)

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Pedestrian zone - Brcko
Grand hotel Posavina - Brcko

Mount Konjuh (5)

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Zlača - Konjuh



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