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Blagaj and Podvelež Plateau

Map of Blagaj and Podvelež Plateau

The region surrounding the town of Blagaj and the Buna River offers a unique blend of natural and cultural heritage in BiH. As such, it's an indispensable part of any visit to Herzegovina. The most visited sites are the source of the Buna River (2), where a Dervish Tekke (or house) is located, and the nearby Velagić residential complex (3). In the town of Blagaj (1), you'll find 6 additional national monuments worth visiting.

The best way to get to know this region's natural beauty is by taking a kayak trip down the Buna (4) or Bunica (5) Rivers, or on a bicycle tour of the Podvelež Plateau (6).

Town of Blagaj (1)

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Old Town - Blagaj
Fortress of Herceg Stjepan in Blagaj
Orthodox Church in Blagaj
Catholic church in Blagaj
Mosque of Sultan Suleiman in Blagaj
Bridge Karađos-beg in Blagaj

Source of the Buna River and Dervish Tekke (2)

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Source of the Buna
Source of the Buna
Source of the Buna
Dervish Tekke
Dervish Tekke
Tekke Details
Restaurants by the Buna
Tekke Details
Restaurants by the Buna
Fish platter
Griffon vultures

Velagić House (3)

​This residential complex belonged to the Velagić family (bs. Velagića kuća or Velagićevina) and was built by three brothers in 1776 on a branch of the Buna River, approx. 200 m from its source. It consists of three separate, but linked, units - with courtyards on one side facing towards the town (the mahala) and gardens facing the rural environment and the Buna River. The complex had its own stables and barn, mills, wool-washing facilities, and two lodges (musafirhana) where travelers could enjoy free accommodation and meals.

Part of the residential complex is open to visitors and it's possible to spend the night there. A section of the courtyard has been converted into an outdoor cafe.

Velagić House - Blagaj
Inside of the house Velagic
Velagić House - Blagaj
Outdoor café
Flowers in the yard

Buna River (4)

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River Buna in Blagaj
Buna near the village of Buna
Water wheel on the Buna River
Kayaks on the Buna
Kayaks on the Buna

Bunica River (5)

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Kayaking down the Bunica
Kayaking down the Bunica
River Bunica
The Bunica near the Source

Podvelež Plateau (6)

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Mountain Velež
Mostar - Podvelež Road
Flowers on the PodvelezPlateau
Flowers on the Podvelež Plateau
Bike Park Velež
Bike trail signs in Bike Park Velež
View from Merdzan Glava
Bike trail signs in Bike Park Velež
Remains of the Merdzan Glava Fortress
Motel Sunce - Podvelez



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