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Around Sarajevo

Map of �Around Sarajevo

In the immediate vicinity of the city of Sarajevo, you'll find a number of popular, peaceful and relaxing excursion sites. Those closest to the city center are Ambassadors' Alley (2) and Mt. Trebević (1). The district of Ilidža (4), the area around the Source of the Bosna River (5), the Skakavac Waterfall (6), with a height of 98 m, Barice, Čavljak, and Bukovik are the most popular places to visit around Sarajevo.

In recent years, a visit to the Pyramid of the Sun and Ravno tunnel complex near Visoko (7) has become a popular excursion. Horseback riding fans can visit the various riding clubs (3), where it's possible to arrange a riding tour in the area around Sarajevo.

Mount Trebević (1)

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Napredak Lodge - Trebevic
Bobsled run - Trebevic

Ambassadors' Alley (2)

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Entrance to the Alley of Ambassadors
Promenade on the Miljacka

Horseback Riding (3)

Sarajevo's surroundings offer ideal conditions for recreational horseback riding in the countryside. On horseback, it's possible to visit the Skakavac Waterfall, a deer farm, or even the pyramids in Visoko. In areas around the city, including in Rakovica, Sedrenik, Hladivode and Ahatovići, you'll find equestrian clubs that offer recreational riding opportunities, riding lessons, and horseback riding for children.
One of these clubs is the recreational association "Planinski konj" (Mountain Horse) in Rakovica, where Haflinger, Arabic and Anglo-Arabic horses are kept. Sinan Mrso, the resident riding instructor and farrier, offers riding excursions, local food, and the opportunity for children to spend time with a variety of farm animals.

By horse from Sedrenik to Skakavac
'Planinski konj' - Rakovica
'Planinski konj' - Rakovica

Ilidža District (4)

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Hotel Austria - Ilidza
Hotels in Ilidza
Horse carriage - Ilidza
Horse-drawn carriage ride
Kolar House
Tunnel of Hope - Sarajevo

Source of the Bosna (5)

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Recreation Area 'Vrelo Bosne'
Source of the Bosna River
Recreation Area 'Vrelo Bosne'
Recreation Area 'Vrelo Bosne'
Roman Bridge - Plandište

Skakavac Waterfall (6)

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Skakavac Waterfall
Skakavac Waterfall

Bosnian Valley of Pyramids - Visoko (7)

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Pyramid of the Sun - Visoko
Pyramid of the Sun
Pyramid of the Moon
Entrance to Tunnel - Ravne



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