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Drina River - Upper Course

Map of Drina River - Upper Course

The region covering the upper course of the Drina River, also known as Upper Podrinje, is located in eastern BiH. The largest towns in this area are Foča, Goražde, and Višegrad. As there isn't heavy industry in this region, the entire area has retained its pastoral beauty. The local population is trying to take advantage of this, seeking to attract adventurers and individuals looking to get back to nature.

In the upper Drina region, you can enjoy a ride in a wooden float down the Drina and Tara Rivers (3), relax or fish on the Drina or one of its tributaries (4), get to know the town of Goražde (2), tour the town of Višegrad (5), which is famous for its "Bridge on the Drina," visit the Bijele Vode (White Waters) Hunting Area (6) or partake in agro-tourism (1). Of course, it's not possible to do all of these things in a single day.

Agro-tourism (1)

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Natural food
Agro-tourism in Gorazde

Town of Goražde and Surroundings (2)

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Gün-Gor park next to the Drina in Gorazde

Floats on the Drina and Tara Rivers (3)

Going for a ride on a traditional wooden float made from interconnected logs is a unique experience that you can enjoy on the Drina and Tara Rivers. These floats have been used since the 19th c. to transport timber. The individuals engaged in this business were called "triftari." Many families from the upper course of the Drina (in particular from the villages of Bastasi, Ustikolina, Godijevno, and Višegrad) worked as "triftari." Logs were transported from the Tara River canyon to Foča or Višegrad on the Drina. Since the end of WWII, logs haven't been transported on the river, so very few people still know how to use these floats. The skill had been passed down from generation to generation.
Floats are usually made of 11 logs held together by wires and nails, and are an average length of 12 m. Skippers operate rudders that are located on both the front and back of the floats. The floats weight about 2 tons and can carry up to 20 people. In the middle of the floats, where baggage can be stored, are benches that guests can sit on while cruising the rapids and cascades of the Tara and Drina Rivers.
The Tara is an especially wild river, and floats occasionally tip or submerge while passing through the numerous rapids.
Today, it's possible to take a raft ride from Đurđevića Tara (in Montenegro) to Goražde (in BiH), a trip of about 149 km. The last individual to successfully lead this journey is Fikret Pendek ( Fikret is a fourth generation member of the Pendek family, which has been in this business for over 100 years. Completing the entire trip takes several days. You can expect to travel about 40 km per day, with accommodation arranged in a tent on the riverbank each night. The organizer provides food. You'll travel along the following route: Đurđevića Tara - Radovan (36 km) - Brštanovica (41 km) - Bastasi (40 km) - Foča/Goražde. It's possible to take this trip between June and early September.
Float rides are also popular on the more peaceful Drina River, between Ustikolina and Goražde, a 22 km trip ( Rafts can often be seen on the beaches around Ustikolina in the summer months.

Floats on the Drina
Floats on the Drina

Drina River (4)

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Drina River

Town of Višegrad (5)

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Bridge on the Drina - Visegrad
Bridge on the Drina

Bijele Vode Hunting Area (6)

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Bijele Vode
Bijele Vode



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