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Fojnica and Kraljeva Sutjeska

Map of �Fojnica and Kraljeva Sutjeska

Visitors to the towns of Fojnica and Kraljeva Sutjeska in central Bosnia can trace the roots of the Bosnian kingdom from the Middle Ages. The town of Fojnica (2) was a center for gold mining in Illyrian times. The old fortresses of Kozovgrad, Zvonigrad, and Kaštel in the town's immediate surroundings were used to shelter miners. The settlement of Kraljeva Sutjeska (3) and the fortified city of Bobovac (4) were the seat of the medieval Bosnian state. Fojnica and Kraljeva Sutjeska are characterized by Franciscan monasteries, which possess rich treasuries of historically significant books and objects from Bosnia's past.

Near Fojnica you'll find Prokoško Lake (1), the most beautiful mountain lake in BiH.

Prokoško Lake (1)

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Prokosko Lake
Prokosko Lake

Town of Fojnica (2)

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Souvenir shop in Fojnica
Fojnica Monastery

Kraljeva Sutjeska Settlement (3)

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Kraljeva Sutjeska Monastery
Mosque in Kraljeva Sutjeska

Royal City of Bobovac (4)

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Kotromanić Dynasty Mausoleum
View toward the Old Town of Bobovac



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