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Travel guide: Come, Enjoy, Pass It On BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA - 30 Unforgettable Days

Come, Enjoy, Pass It On
30 Unforgettable Days
ISBN: 978-3950378573

Komm, entdecke, erzähle weiter
30 unvergessliche Tage
ISBN: 978-3950378566

Dođi, vidi, pričaj dalje
30 nezaboravnih dana
ISBN: 978-3950378504

Vieni, divertiti e racconta
30 destinazioni indimenticabili
ISBN: 978-3950378542

Uzataki Komşu
30 unutulmay destinasyon
ISBN: 978-3950378535

Opinions about travel guide  BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA


The book "Come, Enjoy, Pass It On BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA 30 Unforgettable Destinations" is attracting every day more and more attention of tourists visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The travel guide has been published in various languages like Bosnian, English, Italian, German and Turkish which has contributed to its popularity.

Five languages


Opinions about this Book from the experts working in tourism industry in Bosnia:


Tadžudin Muslibegović, National monument 'Muslibegović House

I had believed that I was acquainted with all beauties of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but looking at the photographs of Mr. Salihbašić, I realized that I was wrong. This travel book is a summary of all natural beauties of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its historical and cultural richness which makes this country so special and worth a visit. I sincerely believe that this extraordinary book rich with very nice pictures will contribute to Bosnia and Herzegovina being more widely recognized as a desirable destination. - (The top 10 Insiders' Select properties in 2010 by


Almira Grčić, Owner of the travel agency Almira - Mostar

Each page of Mr. Amel Salihbasic's book shows a new city, new mountain, new river, history, culture and people of our beautiful Bosnia and Herzegovina. When you come here and discover the diversity of the region you will be impressed and tell your friends about it just like title of the book says, "Come, Enjoy, Pass It On …"


Kasim Džajić, Owner of the agency Neretva Rafting - Konjic

This is one of the books where the author manages to evoke true emotions. Professional, attractive and stunning photographs, which are complemented by useful texts, becoming an excellent guideline for a new adventure. I already knew that Bosnia and Herzegovina is beautiful and unique but Amel shows much more through these 30 destinations and has raised my interest, one man from Herzegovinian, to start researching more. Whether you are looking for information about natural beauty, tradition, culture, people or attractions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, be assured that this book is a great way to get this information.


Adnan Kaljanac, Owner of the travel agency M97 Tours - Sarajevo

Amel has given a perfect tool to all of us working in the tourism industry for presenting our country's tourist destinations and its rich nature. Our first task is to attract new tourists to come to Bosnia and this book can be a perfect appetizer to make them curious and persuade them to come.


Edin Pandur, Artists in copper - Mostar

A country with so many beauties of nature, picturesque locations, stunning sceneries, various cultures and good craftsmen has deserved to be very well presented as has been done by the inspirational guide "Come, Enjoy, Pass It On BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA 30 Unforgettable Destinations". This book is intended to all those people who are looking for more than just an organized tour by a travel agency, which usually gives just a superficial picture of one place.
This travel guide does not only offer information about the Old Bridge of Mostar, Bascarsija in Sarajevo or Medjugorje but also guides to find hidden treasures, discover traditions, customs and landscapes, which is fascinating every traveler into the unknown. Be ready for an adventure called Bosnia and Herzegovina. Come, enjoy and pass it on.


Sanjin Bubalo, Owner of the agency "Visit Konjic" - Konjic

In the time when Bosnia and Herzegovina is getting recognized as a world class travel destination, I feel that this travel guide is definitely contributing added value to that. This guide is well-organized and a high-quality publication which includes all cultural and natural treasures of Bosnia and Herzegovina presented by beautiful pictures and with helpful text information. Such a book can definitely attract new tourists in the best possible way.


Munira Džabija, The editor of the TV show "Heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina"  - Sarajevo

This book "Come, Enjoy, Pass It On BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA 30 Unforgettable Destinations" made me excited not only at first but also at second glance. The author guides us in a special way with images and words through Bosnia and Herzegovina. Each destination is a new interesting story. With lot of high-quality pictures and maps it can guide tourists easily to any desired location. The text is narrated with useful cultural, historical and geographical information which can be exciting for all readers. While browsing or reading the book you will feel the love of the author and his desire that everyone can discover the positive side of our beautiful Bosnia and Herzegovina. Every citizen of Bosnia should own this book and you could even present it with pride to the president of any country.
I wish lots of success and happiness to the author who shows passion to publishing new titles continuously which can guide us through the fairyland called Bosnia. Many readers expressed the same opinion after looking at the book. Based on this book, a season of TV serial called "
Heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina" and video of many destinations will be made soon.

Heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina